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FanChants Italy FC índice de cantos de futebol

Italy Índice de FanChants FC do futebol top cânticos. Nossa fórmula exclusiva para listar as músicas top futebol como e quando eles saem.

95 Cagliari Italy Our Faith Has No Limits Top fanchant of Cagliari Playlist
130 Varese Italy Play Varese North Tier Playlist
189 Milan Italy Wherever You Are I'll Always Be by Your Side Always With You Playlist
190 Piacenza Italy Ohhh Piace! Classic Chant Of Piacenza Playlist
242 Parma Italy Bolognese Piece... Fanchant Against Bologna Playlist
272 Bologna Italy We Will Always Be in Trouble The Supporter Of Bologna Are Singing Their Hearts Out! Playlist
275 Inter Italy Come on Inter Common football song for Inter Playlist
302 Atalanta Italy Son... Not The Nicest Chant In The World Playlist
305 Bari Italy Bari Tier For The Bari Ultras! Playlist
334 Juventus Italy Dale Cavese Original Fanchant Playlist
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363 Napoli Italy No to the ID Card New Choir Ultras Anti-Members! Playlist
392 Genoa Italy We're Singing Genoa Come On Great Fanchant Of Genoa Playlist
396 Piacenza Italy Cremonese Choir Against Cremona Playlist
410 Piacenza Italy Is Gervasoni Choir Against Gervasoni, Ex Player, Banned From Italian Football Because Of "Calcioscommesse": Players And Team Managers Rigged The Games Playlist
412 Udinese Italy Always at the Top Team supporting chant Playlist
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